Naomi Pitcairn

The Fubar

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The FUBAR was actually my friend, Seth Lehr’s idea. Seth works for Peace Action West and he often has suggestions for me. In this case, he even drew a sketch. His idea was a chocolate candy named after the…

Naomi Pitcairn

Sprayteam6: Expect Us


I did not come up with the idea of cleaning messages into the sidewalk dirt. It’s been done before, sometimes called “reverse graffiti.” A bright young woman who…

Naomi Pitcairn

Chalkupy: I Heart the First Amendment

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Not every city handles Chalkupy as graciously as Oakland does. In LA, Austin and elsewhere, people, children even, are being arrested. The mayor of LA…

Naomi Pitcairn

Chalkupy: Chalk the Police

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OPD lies and ignores their own protocols when it comes to activists. They arrested us on trumped up charges. They arrest people on antiquated statutes…