Ideasmyth offers a variety of courses, workshops, intensives and seminars to sharpen your communications skill set. All class begins with a mini-lecture on an element of craft, working habits, or the marketplace.

Workshops focus on development of (in this order):

  1. Craft
  2. Professional writing habits
  3. Editing skills
  4. Communication skills
  5. Marketplace savvy
  6. Career development, and
  7. Life/creativity management

For serious writers & creative professionals working in any genre or form, including:

  • Memoirs
  • Blogs
  • Website copy
  • Article pitch letters
  • Screenplays
  • Novels
  • One-person shows
  • Poetry cycles
  • Proposals
  • Business plans

Ideasmyth Custom Classes and Cultural Safaris

CulturalSafariSmallSingle-evening seminar instructors are taught by skilled professionals and experts in their respective fields.
Seminar topics vary and focus on a wide range of topics, such as building a social media presence and writing Young Adult fiction.

Ideasmyth founder and Creatrix-in-Chief, Victoria C. Rowan, teaches workshops and intensives. Founder of’s nationwide school for media professionals (2001-2002), she has taught and coached privately over 1,000 clients in New York City and internationally, as well as created special programs that she delivered at Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA) and The Bard Graduate Center (NYC).

Intensive and single-evening seminar topics vary and focus on a wide range of topics, such as building a social media presence and understanding the architectural history of Greenwich Village. And we’ve also brought together a team of rock star instructors, who are skilled professionals and experts in their respective fields to lead a series of cultural safaris to give your knowledge a boost, and sharpen your creative skills.

There are no custom classes scheduled at this time.
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These courses, taught by Ideasmyth founder and Creatrix-in-Chief Victoria C. Rowan, cover a wide variety of topics, from improving your writing habits to sharpening your research skills, and all are aimed at honing your skills as a writer and creative individual.

8-Week Intensives

Participants in 8-Week Intensives receive:

  • 8 in-person classes in NYC plus 9th Class Free
  • Priority Consideration for the Pitch-Palooza
  • 3 private phone or Skype coaching consultations: pre-class, midterm, and at completion
  • Most writers receive support for about 12 weeks, including the private sessions
  • Can submit up to 4,500 words (approx. 15 pages) per week or up to 36,000 words(approx. 150 pages) per session.
  • Everyone submits work every Sunday @ 6:00pm prior to each Tuesday’s class when it will be reviewed.
  • Everyone must read and comment on all submitted work every week.
  • The class is an intensive; be prepared to make a significant time commitment (average of 3+ hours of reading/critiquing classmates’ work each week, in addition to the recommended 6 hours a week you commit to your own writing sessions).
  • Everyone participating in the final performance will receive performance coaching and a video of their reading for their own training or website reel purposes

Professional Submission 8-Week Intensive with Victoria C. Rowan
Developmental Intentive with Victoria C. Rowan

4-Week Intensives

Readying Your Book for Literary Agent Consideration with Victoria C. Rowan

Victoria C. Rowan and Ideasmyth has been acknowledged in many well-received and best-selling books, and has coached many authors who have earned 6- and even 7-figure advances.

So whether becoming an author has always been your most cherished artistic dream or the necessary next step for you to establish your professional expertise, why wait any longer to polish up your proposal for the fall market?

This in-person, seminar-based workshop will mentor and support you through a rigorous and pragmatic 4-week program (plus 2 coaching sessions) as you complete a fully viable book proposal and agent cover letter including (up to 120) proposal pages (including sample chapters) at a significant discount from Ideasmyth’s private editing and coaching rates.

Whenever appropriate, Victoria will make personal introductions on behalf of clients to literary agents.

4-Week Intensive details:

  • Two private half-hour brainstorming sessions with each participating client, one prior to class beginning and the other after the class completes.
  • Everyone submits their work every Tuesday to a free class website
  • It’s recommended to read others’ work with Victoria’s comments to further their education. Everyone will be expected to connect once a week with their buddy between the Wednesday conference call and Sunday submission time.

Building Your Brand Via Your Website, Social Media, Journalism and Events with Victoria C. Rowan
How to Tell the Ultimate Bar Story with James Braly

Single-Evening Seminars

Breaking into YA Fiction with Judy Goldschmidt
Investigative Interviewing: Best Practices for Reporting with Katherine Wessling
Advanced Internet Research: Fact-Finding for Your Writing–and Your Life! with Katherine Wessling
Public Speaking: How to Kill (Not Die) In a Room & On the Internet with Katherine Wessling
Ideasmyth Custom Retreats

none scheduled