Ideablog Themes
(and Submission Guidelines)

IdeablogSmallHere at Ideasmyth, we’re all about YOU: the creative you, the professional you, the tearing-out-your-hair-and-yelling-at-the-screen you.

We offer you our Ideablog as a creative process resource center for when you’re parched for inspiration, struggling to finish a project, or craving some great advice–and we curate our contributors for their wit as much as their wisdom.

Since our contributors are all unpaid at this time, we want all participating to see this as an opportunity for creative exposure when you want to promote something of timely importance to you(say a new book, show, performance, etc).

All inquiries and theme suggestions are welcome! Just email our Ideablog Managing Editor:

Ideasmyth’s Ideablog 2016 Themes

  • January : Blasts-offs

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Blast Off January

    Ready to launch into 2016 in 5…4…3…2…1…BLAST-OFF! Though you may not be climbing into a literal rocket anytime soon, we like to think that January is a time for blasting off, even for those of us stuck within the boundaries of earth’s atmosphere. In order to help you have an ascendant launch into the new year, we’re celebrating the boisterous, bewildering and breathtaking blast-offs that are interspersed throughout our lives at all times of year. Design Process Here!

  • February : Hand-Holding

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Hand Holding February

    In a month that’s all about love, we wanted to connect you to one of our favorite displays of affection–hand-holding. Long known for its power to both connect and comfort, hand-holding is a staple for the Valentine’s Day month and a universal symbol for the bonds between people–whether those bonds are romantic, platonic, familial, cultural, etc. Design Process Here!

  • March : Lucky

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Lucky March

    Old Irish legend says that finding a finding a four-leaf clover is a sure sign of luck. But this month, we’re bringing the luck to you and serving up some tales of good fortune that’ll have even the leprechauns feeling jealous.  Design Process Here!

  • April : Rain Making

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Rain Making April

    Instead of waiting for a rainy day, we’ve always liked the idea of being a go-getter and making our own rain. This month we’re all about the rain-making moments that have brought great growth to your life–all through sheer ingenuity and perseverance. Design Process Here!

  • May : Mentoring

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Mentoring May

    This month we’re celebrating the people who’ve helped us blossom into the people we are today. Whether they held the watering can once when you were feeling likely to wilt, spent rigorous outdoor hours watering and weeding, or sat by your side and coached you through your growth, we believe all mentors are worth honoring. Design Process Here!

  • June : Summer Lovin’

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Summer Lovin June

    Now that the summer wardrobe’s out of storage and the subway platforms are beginning to feel like the insides of ovens, we thought its time for a little summer positivity. Thus, we bring you this month’s Summer-Lovin’ theme, during which we celebrate all the things we love the most about summer–from the relaxing beach visits to the ice cream cravings. Design Process Here!

  • July: Freak Flags

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Freak Flags July

    Here at Ideasmyth, we’re big believers in celebrating innovation–those who boldly go where no one has gone before and pursue their passions–however niche–with heart and confidence. Given that even the deepest hibernators are out enjoying the sun, we thought–what better time than the summer to get out there and let our freak flags fly high? Design Process Here!

  • August : Surfing

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Surfing August

    In honor of one of summer’s most thrilling activities, we’re celebrating moments of grand wave-riding adventure. Though the moments won’t always be about literal surfing, they will be about the brand of boldness required to stand on two feet while there’s nothing but a surfboard under you–and about the tsunami-sized waves you’ve fearlessly (or at least with tamed fear) ridden to the shore.  Design Process Here!

  • September : Reaping Rewards

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Reaping Rewards September

    At Ideasmyth, we’re all about celebrating hard work and perseverance. That’s why this September, as we head into the final push before the end of the year, we want to laud the rewards reaped from all that hard work–because there’s nothing like sitting down to eat one of the apples you worked all day to pick. Design Process Here!

  • October : Monsters

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Monsters October

    Since the entire month of October is basically one giant celebration of Halloween (candy included), we thought there was no better time to celebrate the mild and amiable monsters of this world, as well as the people who face the more malevolent monsters head-on.  Design Process Here!

  • November : Family Time

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Family Time November

    Given that Thanksgiving is the day when most Americans celebrate their families, this month we’ve decided to celebrate the diverse families that impact our lives–whether they’re made up of people we’ve been stuck with since birth, or whether they’re a hodgepodge group of people we’ve met along the way. Design Process Here!

  • December : Giving vs. Getting

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Giving vs Getting December

    Anyone who participates in the gift-giving of the holidays is aware that the giving/getting balance is a difficult and complex one, as oftentimes giving is, in itself, rewarding. This month, we’re exploring the nature of that relationship and the many experiences of those involved in all sides of the gift-giving/getting process. Design Process Here!

Monthly Contributors Blog Submission Guidelines

Each month, we welcome submissions based on the themes below. Every piece we love will appear on our blog during the month, and its author will receive a FREE creativity coaching session with our very own Creatrix-in-Chief, Victoria C. Rowan. Guidelines:

  • Submission should be 1-5 paragraphs (or longer, if you’re feeling particularly passionate!)
  • All submissions should be related to the current month’s theme–loose interpretations, videos, photos, etc. are welcome
  • Please send all submissions to mail[at]
  • Please include: “Ideablog Submission: [insert theme name]” in email subject line
  • Deadline: The last Monday of the month by 12pm
  • Most importantly, have fun!

 Ideasmyth Ideablog 2015 Themes…

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  • January: Epiphanies

    Ideasmyth Ideablog January Epiphanies

    Epiphanies are gift revelations that can shazam into our lives in many ways–a lightning bolt of insight from an app! a self-help book exercise! a serendipitous encounter! This month, Ideasmyth celebrates epiphanies in all their glory!

  • February: Loving Your Work

    Ideasmyth Ideablog February: Loving Your Work

    To be an adult is to have a primary relationship with our work–the activity that dominates our waking hours. This month’s stories detail what we love most about this most intimate of relationships–in all its complexities.

  • March: Different Drummers

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Different Drummers March

    This March, is all about those bold enough to choose the most black sheep of beats–be it a conga kid in a bongo burgh or someone who won’t get caught with a snare. Over-beaten metaphors aside, we think bravery is the best kind of beauty.

  • April: Braving Storms

    Ideasmyth Ideablog April: Braving Storms

    Yes, in the midst of those dreadful downpours, the floral fireworks may seem long in coming…and yet don’t the ingenuity and endurance that get us through life’s toughest tornadoes always make for the best stories?!

  • May: Graduation

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Graduation May

    Graduations are always big personal milestones whether our role is to trip up the stage stairs, to share what we’ve learned in a speech or to transition into another role with far less pomp and circumstance. This month, we commemorate those big definitive transformations–cap and gown not required.

  • June: Gordian Knots

    Ideasmyth Ideablog June: Gordian Knots

    Some knots help–keeping your shoes on, tethering the dingy to the dock. Some are downright delicious, like garlic knots. Then there are the majorly irksome, like hair knots or infernal earpod wires. This June, we’re looking at Gordian knots–and the ingenious work-arounds that free us from those seemingly impossible snarls.

  • July: Interdependence

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Interdependence July

    Riffing off of Independence Day, this July we’re exploring interdependence–the symbiotic ecosystem of relationships that create the pockets of peace we would like to see spread to the rest of the world.

  • August: Dog & Pony Shows

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Dog and Pony Show August

    This month, we’re putting on the dogs–but the ponies are stealing the spotlight. And also looking at those times when showboating sank the ship. We’re having fun mixing our metaphors here as we look at the bold plays that got us where we wanted to be–and the epic fails that should never be repeated.

  • September: Refiring

    Ideasmyth Ideablog Refiring September

    September is when we re-stoke ourselves for the end-of-year hustle. This month’s posts are all about reconnecting with our passions and sharing what lights us up–be it a new job, a new stage of life or a new hobby.

  • October: Discoveries

    Ideasmyth Ideablog October: Discovery

    This month, we’re picking up where Columbus left off in the discovery department and featuring posts on new theories, new inventions, new clues to old mysteries and finding the new in the familiar–!

  • November: Pilgrimages

    Ideasmyth Ideablog November: Pilgrimages

    Pilgrimages don’t have to be to a new continent to be powerful–some meditations in your own bedroom can be even more transporting. This month celebrates quests of all stripes, be they Odyssian voyages to new worlds or that time when you came upon exotic places you never knew existed within your own inner world.

  • December: Jubilation!

    Ideasmyth Ideablog December: Jubilation

    Problem-solving and stressing for the year is DONE–time to celebrate all that is good and makes us truly happy!