Need an intern, assistant, researcher, project manager, web designer, graphic designer, publicist, tutor, babysitter, or any other quality helper to make your personal, professional and creative life work better? Good news! Ideasmyth now offers recruiting.

Below is a brief on how we work, however we are happy to personalize packages based on your specific needs!

The Initial Phase of a candidate search involves:

  • A free consultation to determine client needs
  • Development of job description
  • Outreach to our own database of qualified candidates
  • Submission to online posting sites
  • Sorting candidate applications

The Second Phase involves:

  • Online review of the candidate’s social media profiles, Google search
  • Email/phone correspondence with candidates
  • First interview with candidate via video chat (Skype, Google+, etc.)
  • Screening questions passed onto client for review
  • Interview notes passed onto client for review

The Third Phase involves:

  • Candidate reference interview notes passed onto client for review
  • Second in-person interview (the client may conduct or sit in as is their preference)
  • 3rd party background checks can also be arranged
  • Unless the client requests otherwise, all interviews will be conducted via video chat or in a public space.

Interested? Contact our official People Person People, at