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Ideasmyth kicks your summer up a notch with our dandy weekly curated list of New York’s quirky hidden treasures of culture, events and other surprising treats. Please submit your suggestions for any future events via our CONTACT US page. Happy adventuring & we greatly appreciate your comments & sharing!


Thursday August 7: The Book of Jezebel Discussion
Friday August 8: Hudson Music Festival
Saturday August 9: Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival
Sunday August 10: Vibrational Sound Therapy
Monday August 11: Gallery Talk: Who Were the Modern Women Artists
Tuesday August 12: Stokely Carmichael’s Journey: From the Bronx to the Freedom Summer
Wednesday August 13: Morning Gloryville NYC
Thursday August 14: Bach in the Garden


Thursday August 7

Book of Jezebel Pic

The Book of Jezebel Discussion
6PM, FREE Admission
Barnes & Noble, 97 Warren St

You’ve heard of the website and its literary counterpart, The Book of Jezebel. Now is your chance to hear from the founder and author, Anna Holmes, in person along with two other Jezebel employees Dodai Stewart and Tracie Egan Morrisey as they discuss the site, the book and the outreach they’ve obtained through both.

Friday August 8

Hudson Music Festival 2014

Hudson Music Festival
5PM, FREE Admission
Various Stages in Hudson, NY

The fourth annual Hudson Music Festival is taking over Hudson, NY for a full weekend with over 100 acts performing in various bars, nightclubs and parks across the town. Help support and develop the local creative economy and enjoy a weekend of free concerts in “the downtown of upstate”.

Saturday August 9

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival and Race

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival
9AM, FREE Admission
Flushing Meadows Park, Queens

With over 30 impressive dragon boats racing across Meadow Lake, a multicultural artist showcase including a kung fu demonstration from Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks, a plethora of musical and artistic performances from all over the world and a culturally diverse food court, this annual festival has everything you crave for a not-your-typical-saturday adventure.

Sunday August 10

Vibrational Sound Therapy with Himalayan Singing Bowls

Vibrational Sound Therapy
11:30AM, $35 Admission
Rubin Museum of Art

The ancient art of vibrational healing with Himalayan singing bowls has been used for years to treat extreme stress, improve sleeping patterns and enhance mental clarity. Suren Shrestha, a master of such art is bringing his talent to the Rubin, so wear your most comfortable clothing, lay back on a yoga mat and let the good vibrations soothe your troubled soul.

Monday August 11

Who Were the Modern Women Artists?

Gallery Talk: Who Were the Modern Women Artists?
1:30PM, FREE w/ Museum Admission
Museum of Modern Art

Art has always been considered a male-dominated field with the noteworthy female artists being exceptions to the norm. This gallery talk explores the creativity and craftsmanship of these so-called exceptions who invaded the male sphere of art, giving them the proper credit they deserve.

Tuesday August 12

Stokely: A Life by Peniel Joseph

Stokely Carmichael’s Joureny: From the Bronx to Freedom Summer
6:30PM, FREE Admission
Museum of the City of New York

To mark the 50th anniversary of 1964’s Freedom Summer, join the Museum of the City of New York for an examination of civil rights leader Stokely Carmichael and a reading from Peniel Joseph’s biography Stokely: A Life. Learn about the visionary’s journey from his hometown in the Bronx to the turbulent racism of the deep south during the Freedom Summer and get your book signed for a worthy addition to your personal library.

Wednesday August 13

Morning Gloryville NYC

Morning Gloryville NYC
6:30AM, $20 Admission
232 Varet St, Brooklyn

Start your day off with a high-energy, heart-pumping rave like you’ve never seen before. You’ll be greeted by “Wake-Up Angels” who will gladly serve you coffee or a smoothie, give you a wake-up massage or even dunk your head in a bucket of ice water–whatever it takes to get you ready to dance all morning to the remixes of some of New York’s most talented DJs, Elon and Tasha Blank!

Thursday August 14

Garden of Bartow-Pell Mansion

Bach in the Garden
7PM, FREE Admission
Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum

The ensemble Basis, featuring the violin, bassoon and flute, will serenade you with the innovative complexities of Johann Sebastian Bach’s chamber music in the Bartow-Pell Mansion’s breathtaking formal garden. Sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy an evening of sophisticated fun.


Got any other can’t-miss events in the city you’re excited about? We’re all ears– tell us about them in the comments section below!


~~~Beth St. John is an Editorial and Social Media Intern for Ideasmyth, as well as a student at Boston University, where she studies English, History and European Studies. She loves to write and hopes to put that love to good use by publishing the next Harry Potter. When she’s not fumbling for words, she is probably baking or watching a David O. Russell movie.

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