GORDIAN KNOTS: Stephen Kosloff on Directing Hausfrau Photoshoots (3/7)

Stephen KosloffThis week, we’re featuring the brilliantly wacky Stephen Kosloff, founder of Hausfrau Magazine, purported as the first U.S. magazine that doubles as a serialized photo-comic. Each day we’ll feature a new sample of captioned photos from the magazine, as well as Q&A responses from the creator of the magazine himself.


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How is directing shots different when you are in the shots?

Being in the magazine myself is weird. I don’t really like it, but I have to make sure there is continuity if one or two of my pals who play main characters move or can’t participate any more. My plan was to not be in The Pharmacologists (the title of the serialized photo-comic in Hausfrau). It has worked out OK though; one advantage of being in it myself is that if I travel, I can shoot in other locations and incorporate that into the story. We’ve shot in London and San Francisco, which adds some depth and texture to the story.

My wife or one of my actors have taken the shots I’m in. Overall, I definitely prefer being behind the camera.

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kosloff head shot~~~Stephen Kosloff is a journalist, copywriter, and photographer. He has written for the New York Times, Gawker, The Awl, Gizmodo, Time Out New York, The New York Post, and a couple of abortive AOL properties. His photographs have appeared in the New York Times, Paper, Interview, Gawker, and Time Out New York, among others. His roving, quasi-underground variety show, Deep Dish Cabaret, was featured in Time Out‘s “best of New York” issue and on NPR. He graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and moved to New York in 1997, after working for national newspapers in Tokyo and Cambodia. He lives in Ridgewood with his wife, Caroline Tobin, and his cat, Fritz. Get the latest Hausfrau news:
Twitter: @hausfraumag
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hausfraumagazine

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