What distinguishes our workshops and services from others?

In the following order, Ideasmyth workshops focus on:

  • development of craft
  • professional writing habits
  • editing skills
  • communication skills
  • marketplace savvy
  • career development and
  • life/creativity management

Ideasmyth workshops maintain a positive atmosphere without sacrificing rigorous constructive criticism.

Our high performance record is based on quantifiable client success:  work placement in dozens of excellent publications, prestigious jobs landed, and books both sold and well-reviewed. See Testimonials.

Our rates are competitive—or significantly cheaper—than many programs. Clients often describe Ideasmyth’s workshop as

tougher and more useful than any course [they] took in grad school.”

Who are our clients?

Word of mouth has delivered us fantastic clients. Most are already successful creative professionals, generally 20-to-60-something.  Our coaching clients are those who want to create much more rewarding lives.

Ideasmyth has worked effectively with a great variety of people including:

  • media professionals
  • editors
  • TV producers
  • lawyers
  • performers
  • entrepreneurs
  • boutique retailers
  • career-changers
  • homemakers.

All our workshop clients bring a professional commitment to their writing, even if they are not yet published. Students consistently report that they were impressed by the insightful critiques of their workshop peers.

Why should an already-successful freelancer, staffer or author take an Ideasmyth workshop?

Because there’s nothing like the positive peer pressure of a great group to help you realize your fullest potential!

Even if you’ve already gone to grad school, greatness and growth only comes with continual challenge. Many staffers use our workshops to hone their skills and develop portfolios of new work, without risking job standing.

What is creativity/career/life coaching?

Though addressed in all our workshops, when you hire Ideasmyth privately, we intensively examine your specific creative, professional, and personal life ambitions from a holistic perspective.

Based on your responses to Ideasmyth’s extensive questionnaire, we focus on how to accelerate realization of your goals, whether it’s a career change, a book proposal, column development, or having more personal time etc.

It is not therapy, but it is effective, pragmatic, empowering and results-oriented.

What are the pros and cons of workshop vs. private study?


Private Coaching for Career-and-Life-Altering Results:

Having confirmed again and again that commitment is the best way to guarantee the results clients seek for their work and their lives, I always recommend a three-month/quarterly commitment of regularly scheduled appointments/check-in points.

If a client is working on a book or project requiring a lot of editing, I’m also willing to negotiate a reasonable project fee or an average monthly minimum.

The benefit of this model is that clients get more support for their money.

I’m also willing to discuss other retainer models which serve a client’s lifestyle or cash flow best. This approach, analogous to targeted personal training, is best for clients working on long-term projects, wishing to change careers or for a life “makeover,” or for those who thrive best with ongoing personalized support. Personalized packages are always possible but HERE are some ready-made ones to consider.

Private Writing Coaching/Editing/Study Short-term:

Should a client feel they only need a few hours for a specific challenge or project, I’ll also work on a non-retainer basis by the hour.

For this type of agreement, we will develop a program we agree suits a client’s goals best. This approach is also best for those whose work/life schedules are completely unpredictable, or first-time clients who are starting between workshop semesters.

Personalized packages are always possible, but contact us HERE to learn more about private coaching.

Group Study:

Please visit HERE to learn more about Ideasmyth workshops.

Custom Seminars, Retreats & Event Development

Ideasmyth has developed custom retreats and special seminars for Stanford University and The Bard Graduate Center. We will create something practical and/or spectacular for your small business, corporation or group of friends. We can also source excellent locations and caterers as needed.

General Policies Around Services and Payment

Ideasmyth strives to go above and beyond, personalizing our services to please each client, and to be reasonable and fair in all transactions. Like most coaching and workshop programs, however, we do not provide refunds if a client chooses to break their commitment to themselves.

For workshops:

Since they are intimate groups of a limited size, Ideasmyth (consistent with all other professional writing workshop institutions) cannot refund class tuition unless you contact us one week before the first day of class.

However, if a student must withdraw from a workshop for some exceptional, unexpected circumstance, at Ideasmyth’s discretion the equivalent of remaining class tuition may be commuted to the equivalent amount of services in private session work.

For coaching:

All services and appointments will be made only on a pre-paid basis (credit card, wire transfer or cash). All services and payments must be used within the time parameters mutually agreed upon.

Every effort will be made to accommodate a client’s schedule, and keep them informed of their remaining balance and schedule, [ however if the client is also responsible for using up their hours within the time agreed.?] If urgent or immediate coaching is needed, any call/Skype session over 10 minutes will be drawn from a client’s escrow account.

If you give Ideasmyth less than one week notice for a coaching session cancellation, it is at Ideasmyth’s discretion whether or not to reschedule the session within that week, or if the client will be held financially responsible for that missed session.

Did we answer your question?

If not, feel free to shoot us a message HERE.