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    Daily Candy, January 28, 2008 / Entertainment

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    You may merge small businesses with a single click and reposition global cereal brands with an offhand pitch.

    But deep within
    the Heart

    Channel your inner muse into a script, novel, or ode with help from writing coach Victoria C. Rowan. Through group or individual workshops, she’ll help you hone your vision and find your voice.

    Rowan works with bestselling novelists and acclaimed journalists, but she really excels at nurturing tomorrow’s literary stars. They come to her with a vague idea and a dream; she helps them find the path.

    She expects discipline and dedication — and in return gives boundless encouragement. Rowan believes that your writing matters not only to you, but to the rest of the world, too. She takes your work so seriously that you end up doing the same.

    And away you go.

Forget about a good man, a good editor is hard to find. Victoria Rowan has skill, patience, flair and the ability to whittle down a hundred idea fragments into one truly excellent concept. Her insights made me a better writer, and her sense of humor kept me laughing. What more could you want from the writing experience? Michele Mitchell, former CNN Headline News daily columnist; author of The Latest Bombshell (Holt) and A New Kind of Party Animal (Simon & Schuster)

The level of constructive criticism Victoria Rowan gives far surpasses anything I have experienced in every other class I have taken in college, in journalism graduate school and in a variety of continuing ed programs around the city. Jennifer Cohen, network news producer who sold the book she workshopped in The Independent Project Workshop

After six years of being stuck, I took V.C.R.’s Creative Blockbusting seminar, and I started to write in my journal every day. After taking Victoria’s Journalism Voice Coaching workshop, I have enough confidence to send my work in to national publications and soon hope to be a published writer, my dream since I started college. Victoria helped me do what 4 years of college and 3 years of grad school had failed to do she gave me the courage to get serious about my writing. Laura Allen, VP of Sales and Marketing, Unlimited Solutions, Inc.

Victoria Rowan kicked my ass, and I loved it. More importantly, I needed it. Not only did she help hone my journalistic skills, she taught me how to write an enticing pitch letter, which is usually the first thing a prospective editor reads. I sold two of the pieces I wrote under her tutelage, so the class literally paid for itself. My only worry now is that she’ll chastise me for employing the above cliche (it’s one of her pet peeves). Trust me, you’ll come out stronger than you went in. Raven Snook, freelance writer, performer and editor; published articles in Time Out NY, The Village Voice, The New York Post, IN New York, and is an associate editor of Heeb.

Victoria Rowan came into my life at the perfect time as both a writing group leader and reading series coordinator. She helped me hone my voice and sharpen my focus as a memoirist and gave me a stage from which to share my experiences with an amazing audience. She continues to offer me practical, thorough, hands-on advice I can incorporate into my writing immediately, and her knowledge of everything from syntax to the publishing industry is priceless. Victoria Rowan is a sensitive editor who is genuinely passionate about writers and writing. Elise Miller, novelist and curator of East Side Oral

Victoria Rowan is enthusiastic, articulate, endlessly curious, perceptive and empathetic. If you were building the perfect teacher, you would pick those traits before any other. And then you’d top it off with just one more: she is never boring. David N. Meyer, author and Adjunct Professor of Film at The New School

As the field grows, coaches are becoming more specialized, focusing on particular areas, from business to writing. […] One such specialist is Victoria Rowan, a former magazine editor and freelance writer who is now a writing and creativity coach with clients in publishing, film and other arts. And though Rowan pays attention to a client’s work and career, other aspects are examined as well. Time Out NY, “Put Me in Coaching

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