Coaching for Creative Professionals

Basic Rates

1 Hour $300
4 Hours ($250/hr) $1,000
14 Hours ($214/hr) $3,000
30 Hours ($200/hr) $6,000

Ideasmyth clients consistently achieve substantial results, be it increased earning power, scoring a dream job, completion of a major project, founding a new business, more personal time—even getting married!

We work with you holistically, to ensure your creativity/life/career goals advance according to your personal goals. Each month you choose your own customized mix of coaching, editing and/or brainstorming, whatever best suits your needs and schedule.

This approach has proven effective for those finishing a book for agent submission, or for those who need to meet a publisher’s deadline.

Ideasmyth works in person, via internet video phone, by old-fashioned phone, and by email. We work internationally and across the country—with clients in Paris, Moscow, Mexico City and Istanbul, Michigan, Oregon, California, Washington D.C., Virginia, and of course, New York City.

We are always willing to customize programs, and bundle various services, such as coaching and courses with the same instructor, to meet clients’ needs.

Note: the specific nature of your projects or deadlines may require pricing different than quoted below. These figures are purely a point of departure for discussing the right approach for you.

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Power Surge Package


2 sessions $900

This panoramic evaluation yields powerful insights and a prescriptive plan of action to know what to do next, and begin realizing your endeavors and dreams. It takes place over 2 sessions in one week.

Each client:

  • Fills out Ideasmyth’s diagnostic questionnaire
  • Gets a 1.5 hour coaching session in person in NYC, or via video chat, or by phone.
  • Learns to rewrite a personal mission-oriented “Owner’s Manual” that they want to realize.
  • Each session is followed by session notes and a 30-minute follow up session the following week.


Seasonal Strategist Package


4 sessions $2,000

This is for self-directed creatives who already have many sources of support and yet still want periodic outsider check-ins so they don’t start “drinking their own ink.”


  • Four 90-minute sessions (spaced quarterly or closer together as client needs within a calendar year)
  • Light feedback/ edits (more substantive edits can be an add-on)
  • An email reply per week
  • Social media re-posting/ support (over the calendar year)
  • Discounts on other add-on services like: seeking agents, recruiting collaborators, manuscript edits (by Victoria C. Rowan or other specialists), additional coaching hours, etc.


Group Coaching

Mastermind Manifesting: Putting The Play In Progress

The Group Creativity Coaching Packages allow you to join a group of fellow dynamos as you engage, create and continue to upgrade your own “Owner’s Manual.”

Maintain the accountability, camaraderie and significant results of Ideasmyth’s in-person coaching and writing intensives, without commuting, and with less expense.

On our weekly calls, you receive coaching to advance your goals in the 8 major sectors of your life including: creativity, career, finances, health & well-being, work & home environments, personal growth/spirituality, romance, and all your significant relationships. Imagine a life that reads the way you want it to.

Details: Course size limited to 6 fellow dynamos. 10 Wednesdays noon-1:00pm EST (if enough request another time slot, we could create more groups)

Prerequisite: Introduction To Creativity Coaching: The Power Surge, coaching package or intensive prior to joining the group coaching calls.

Everyone gets:

  • 1 private coaching session to set goals for each quarter
  • 3 month quarters include 10 weekly one-hour group coaching calls
  • Class listserve for group email support
  • Buddy assignments (that change each month) for more in-person support over the week

Quarterly fee of $1,000 per quarter ($333 per month) or $400 auto-charged every month the first day of the month
BONUS: Discounted rates for any extra private coaching or private editing on a per-project basis

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