Building Your Brand Via Your Website, Social Media, Journalism and Events with Victoria C. Rowan


Ideasmyth founder, Victoria C. Rowan, has worked with many authors in private and in classes on developing their platform—to build their careers, and pre- and post-book publication, show opening, website launch, etc.

In this course you will learn:

  • Best practices for building your social media following on various platforms that are best suited to your personality and your industry
  • Various free website and blog platforms
  • How to create a newsworthy event around you/your work
  • How to think like a journalist: how to pitch an div by you or about you/your work
  • How to naturally–and non-obnoxiously–build your network

Your four assignments will be:

  • Sharpening your bio & resume (for website use and/or for applications for jobs and awards)
  • Develop a basic blogging/social media strategy
  • A journalism pitch and/or press release
  • Personal essay and/or Op-Ed

Instructor: Ideasmyth Founder Victoria C. Rowan began editing her school’s literary magazine at 16. Since then, she has spent over 25 years working in all forms of media, writing for dozens of publications; providing commentaries for public radio; book packaging; and curating a variety of literary and spoken word events for organizations like the 92nd Street Y and The National Arts Club, for which she received press recognition for her own series.

She founded the educational division of, which became a multi-million-dollar phenomenon. Since launching Ideasmyth in 2000, her nearly 1,000 clients have benefitted from her range of media experience as she has helped them produce their published articles, critically acclaimed books, monographs and theater productions, as well as many other exciting and innovative enterprises.

She considers it her life’s vocation to cultivate and celebrate creativity in all its forms.

Having midwife-ed such a range of projects and enterprises  she has come to this conclusion: creativity can only consistently thrive when the rest of the artist’s life works and allows space for its potential.

Sessions with Victoria will not only help you craft a better book, essay, play, poem, website copy or business plan, but they will also help you become the person you always wanted to be.

Dates & Times: TBA
Cost: TBA
Course Size: Limited to 10 (also able to turn this into a Private Curriculum)
Location: TBA

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