“I’m always thinking about creating.
My future starts when I wake up every morning…
Every day I find something creative to do with my life.” ~Miles Davis

Take a page out of Miles Davis’ composition book, and get creative with your schedule! Every week, we curate a list of New York’s quirky under-known treasures of culture, events and other surprising treats…such as a ship turned into a library?! Happy discovering!

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Wednesday October 1st: Isabel Rose Live
Thursday October 2nd: New York Film Festival: Heaven Knows What
Friday October 3rd: Floating Library
Saturday October 4th:  Cultural Landscapes of Greenwich Village with Francis Morrone
Sunday October 5th: New York Gypsy Festival: Gypsy Brass Legends
Monday October 6th: Monologues and Madness
Tuesday October 7th: Shakespeare’s Sonnets
Wednesday October 8th: Illuminations


Wednesday, October 1st

artistpage_isabelroseIsabel Rose Live
8:45PM, $25-50 Admission
54 Below
Check her out here!

Vogue magazine’s “star,” The New York Times‘ “appealing” and Ideasmyth client Isabel Rose performs her latest 60’s-inspired album, Trouble in Paradise, at Broadway Supper Club, 54 Below. Enjoy a date-night of retro glamour and her newly anointed top-40 album guaranteed to be a “sexy, splashy, Vegas-inflected, unapologetically joyful hour of entertainment.”

Thursday, October 2nd

HeavenKnowsWhat1New York Film Festival: Heaven Knows What
9:00PM, $25
Alice Tully Hall
Find out what “what” is here!

Ideasmyth’s friendly with the producer of Heaven Knows What premiering at NYFF with debut-actors playing “Harley” and “Ilya,” two disillusioned kids who are more in love with their heroin addictions than each other. The movie’s cinematography “expresses the clouded vision of kids who can’t imagine how invisible they are to the New Yorkers who take their jobs and lives for granted,” their story is certain to bring a tear to even the most cynical of New Yorkers. 

Friday, October 3rd

Floating-Library2-NYC-Pier-25-Untapped-Cities-Anna-BrownFloating Library
2:00PM, FREE
Pier 25, Brooklyn
B.Y.O.Book Here!

Whoever said libraries are fading from the literary ecosystem hasn’t experienced The Floating Library, aboard the Lilac Museum Steamship on the Hudson River. A sanctuary for both the creative maven and tenderfoot, visitors can peruse the Lilac’s catalogued collection, attend workshops on themes such as maker culture and DIY politics, or enjoy their own materials to read, draw, paint, and just drop out of their usual stomping grounds to think new thoughts. Catch the last day of experiencing the Lilac’s attempt to re-define institutionally privileged activities–like writing, reading, debating, researching–by bringing them out onto the open water.

Saturday, October 4th

website_FrancisMorrone-600x291Cultural Landscapes of Greenwich Village with Francis Morrone
2-4PM, $25
Greenwich Village
Get your facts here!

Francis Morrone’s tour definitively answers this question: “Can we still find inspiration in the streets of the Village as we contemplate its past?” in the affirmative! With a focus on the beloved Washington Square Park and its environs, he’ll impart juicy and little-known stories of the Square itself and of the countless notorious artists and writers–including Edward Hopper, Willa Cather, Dawn Powell, Marcel Duchamp, and Bob Dylan–who have lived in the blocks surrounding it. Bring your notebook, because you will be wanting to pepper these fun facts into tony cocktail-party conversation in the future…!

Sunday, October 5th

boban_760x500New York Gypsy Festival: Gypsy Brass Legends
7:30PM, $39
PACE University’s Michael Schimmel Auditorium
Try something new here!

The Gypsy Festival, featuring Balkan and Roma-inspired brass experts from all over the world, presents The Legends of Serbian Brass, a mystical marching band extravaganza, hand-picked by Isabel Soffer of, (an independent music company that brings international cultural innovations in conversation with the West). Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar (the man in blue above) whose performances the Boston Herald describes as “wild brass playing that would make a New Orleans marching band stop and stare…”

Monday, October 6th

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.59.21 AMMonologues and Madness
6:00PM, $10
The Cornelia Street Café
Speak up, speak out here!

“MEMOIRS do NOT a monologue make. And remember, if you can’t say it in two minutes, you’re not saying it.” Host of Monologues and Madness and wedding officiator, Tulis McCall, has a passion for performance and presentation. A stand-up kind of night with a workshop warmth, Monologues and Madness is the perfect event for artists and writers who wish to trot out their original monologues in front of a forgiving live audience. Ideasmyth insider information: our very own insightful and hilariously irreverent instructor Flash Rosenberg will be performing tonight–!

Tuesday, October 7th

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 1.04.16 PMShakespeare’s Sonnets
7:30-10:00PM,  $25-$105
Howard Gilman Opera House, BAM
Take a trip down memory lane here!

The Bard is back in an avant-garde rendition of 25 of his 154 sonnets, told with Robert Wilson’s experimental signature eccentricity with a re-mixed score by pop genius Rufus Wainwright. Wilson “embraces the prevalence of subversive gender conventions embedded in Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets, which move freely between male and female objects of desire.” Catch the US premiere of the 2009 German production with the re-appearance of favorites like the Queen of England, Cupid, the mysterious Dark Lady to Shakespeare himself. 

Wednesday, October 8th

Ivy Brown Gallery
Find the beauty in heartbreak here!

Artist Florence Montmare is a cultural mongrel (born in Vienna, raised in Sweden) has moved into the Ivy Brown Gallery in the Meatpacking District–for the month. Her muti-media, open narrative exhibition “Illuminations”  has been an ongoing project since 2002, charting the course of disintegration in her love life. Through photographs, text and site-specific installations, Montmare hopes that “by looking deeply into, and exposing, my personal experiences I hope people are able to connect to something deeper within themselves.”


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~~~Dipti Anand is an Editorial and Social Media Intern at Ideasmyth. Enrolled in the circus of life, she juggles an Interdisciplinary Master’s of Arts in Humanities and Social Thought at NYU, along with her passion for writing short fiction and poetry. When she’s not thinking, writing, or thinking about writing, Dipti likes to make long-distance phone calls and also eats one truffle a day.

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