INTERDEPENDENCE: Cynthia Kaplan, “Hold Up” (4/6)

11738022_828691640578219_4093783277929747201_nCynthia Kaplan inspires instant fandom for her smart subversiveness. Though she also goes by Cindy and has blonde curls, she would eat that Brady Bunch Cindy for breakfast. We invited her to be an Ideasmyth Featured Creative during our Interdependence month because I see her as a multi-genre cross-pollinator and master collaborator. She’s got a really rich bio for one young dame. This week, enjoy your daily dose of Kaplan’s darkly funny career highlights embellished with creative process backstories.
~Victoria C. Rowan, Ideasmyth Creatrix-in-Chief


I’ve written exactly one feature length movie and co-written two shorts. The feature, Pipe Dream, starred Mary Louise Parker and Martin Donovan and had a very nice life, particularly on East to West coast flights on American Airlines and on DVD in German speaking countries. It’s also on Netflix. I play Charlotte, the agent’s assistant, because why write a movie and not put yourself in it? The two shorts were “This Won’t Hurt a Bit”, written with director Mary Harron for Morgan Spurlock’s Economy Project, and “Hold Up,” an improvised short based on a story by director Madeleine Olnek. “Hold Up” had an incredible festival life, and I am very fond of it. Here it is.

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11225401_926123787454890_1702449047179701616_n~~~Cynthia Kaplan is a comedian, actress, and the author of two acclaimed collections of comic essays, Why I’m Like This: True Stories and Leave the Building Quickly. She has been published in newspapers, magazines, and humor anthologies, and has written for both film and television. She has performed her comic works at Naked Angels, The Atlantic Theatre, Moonwork, and Dixon Place among many others, and has appeared in many plays and some films. She co-wrote and appeared in the indie favorite Pipe Dream, starring Martin Donovan and Mary Louise Parker. She was the co-creator and co-host, with Nancy Giles, of the long-running New Jack Paar Show at the West Bank Café. Her band, The Cynthia Kaplan Ordeal, has played in theaters and rock clubs throughout the country, including NYC’s Joe’s Pub, City Winery, the Cutting Room, and The Kitting Factory. The band recently released its first album, FANGRY, whose songs have won prizes in international song contests and whose video Merry Christmas to You! was voted a top Christmas video on Her newest video, We Were the Donner Party, is headed to the Acme Comedy Festival in LA this month. She writes plays and songs for the 52nd Street Project. She has never appeared on Law & Order.

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