Master Mindset: Lori Fischer on the Long Haul

Since the majority of graduation ceremonies occur this month before Memorial Day, the Ideablog will explore the variety of life’s major passages: commencement rituals, taking things to the next level and meeting other hard-earned milestones. 


port-fire-940x628Anthony Phillips once wrote, “Regrets, yes I have many…” I regret not finishing a race once. I was a serious runner in college and quitting…I had no idea that it would cut so deep. For days, weeks, I couldn’t shake the mark that it left. How I wouldn’t get a “do over.” The chance was done and gone. After that, I finished every race, no matter the pain or doubt. And being a long distance runner has served me well as a writer. Because writing is a long distance event. Sure there are those who write something fast, furious and brilliant. But for the most part and for most people, writing is rewriting. So be in it for the long haul. Not finishing something will gradually crush you. You’ll think on it and feel that sinking weight of failure. Start, finish a draft, regroup, start again. Don’t add another log to the fire of regret…

Lori with long hair~~~Lori Fischer taught a workshop with Ideasmyth, Getting Your Story Started, Shaped + Fine-Tuned, in Fall 2014. She is the “2008 New York University Harry Kondoleon Graduate Award in Playwriting” recipient and a 2008-09 Dramatists Guild Fellow. Author of the critically acclaimed musical Barbara’s Blue Kitchen, which played Off-Broadway at The Lamb’s Theatre in 2006 (Published by Samuel French). Lori received her MFA from the NYU Goldberg Dramatic Writing Department in 2008. Lori has appeared Off-Broadway in Cowgirls, Barbara’s Blue Kitchen and in many regional theaters across the country. Lori’s feature film Chasing Taste will screen in the Visionfest ’14 Film Festival at the Tribeca Film Center.

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