Spermhood: Diary of a Donor


“When Caroline asked me to be a sperm donor, I was speechless. Me? A baby? Babies were for people with stable lives. Even my relationship with my debit card is toxic. But then I did it. And it changed everything.”

With Spermhood, author and comedian Mike Albo (The UnderminerThe Junket) gives a heartfelt, naked, and completely hilarious account of the year he spent trying to make a baby with his friends, a lesbian couple. Month by month, clinic by clinic, Albo must confront his fears, revisit his past, and decide what being a “dad” really means — all while trying to get aroused by terrible straight porn. Exploring the insanity of modern digital dating, the strangely efficient reproductive industry, and the lingering shadow of AIDS for gay men, Spermhood is a funny, insightful, and enterprising look at what it takes to be a father.

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