To be creative means to be in love with life.
You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty,
you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.” ~Osho 

At Ideasmyth, we’re always on the look-out for New York’s under-known treasures of culture, events and other unexpected treats like: aerialists take over a chapel! Happy discovering!

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Wednesday October 22nd: White Light Festival: How Like An Angel
Thursday October 23rd: Margaret Mead Film Festival 
Friday October 24th: A Turn Around the Mansion Grounds – Poems in Conversation & a Conversation
Saturday October 25th: Manhattan Vintage Show & Sale
Sunday October 26th: The Secret City: Unknown 
Monday October 27th: Psycho-biography of Jackson Pollock
Tuesday October 28th: Drawing at the Speed of Talk: Flash Rosenberg
Wednesday October 29th: Six Characters in Search of an Author 


Wednesday, October 22nd

HLAA02_ChrisTaylorv[21690]White Light Festival: How Like An Angel
7:30PM, $45
Lincoln Center presents at James Memorial Chapel
Be illuminated here!

The curatorial proof of the “power of art to illuminate and nourish one’s interior life” is embodied in The White Light Festival, a collective showcase of installations, concerto music and movement arts. Catch the U.S. premiere of How Like an Angel  as Australian circus troupe Circa fills the space from on high, accompanied by Britain’s Renaissance choir music ensemble I Fagiolini.

Thursday, October 23rd

margaretmeadMargaret Mead Film Festival
4:30-10PM, $12
American Museum of Natural History
Share in the human journey here!

AMNH’s annual “Past Forward” film series continues this year with filmmakers, scholars and artists examining human culture as an ever-evolving activity and challenges the conventional definition of “progress.” In one movie, an artist creates personalized mobile content for an Australian aboriginal Gapuwiyak tribe, who don’t have a standardized language, and are experiencing for the first tim family portrait GIFs, contemporary movies re-voiced in their local tongue and asks: what ringtones would they pick? 

Friday, October 24th

51A Turn Around the Mansion Grounds: Poems in Conversation & a Conversation
The Corner Bookstore (Madison Avenue)
Do something for your soul here!

Molly Peacock believes that a life’s work is never accomplished, that creativity must be expressed till one’s very last day. The experimental quality of her work embodies this motive: Molly has authored books like Alphabetique: 26 Characteristic Fictions, a series of short stories each inspired by the letter of the alphabet; and How to Read a Poem, a sensual and intellectual undertaking of poetry that shows us why poetry begs to be read aloud especially to other people. The master is at work this Friday, along with co-author Amy C. Clark, as they will read from their new chapbook and also discuss the craft of creativity.

Saturday, October 25th

10-2014-front_323_448_c1_center_topManhattan Vintage Show & Sale
11-6PM, $20 Admission
125 West 18th Street (Metropolitan Pavilion)
Fashion your passions here!

The love affair between the traditional and the contemporary is for sale here, with designers and antique dealers curating collections drawing from 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries at Manhattan Vintage — the mecca of the fashion industry. In 2012 we heard Lacroix labels went for only $200, and in 2011 shoppers rubbed shoulders with Phillip Lim. What will 2014 bring? Affordable runway looks for trendsetters and fashionistas on all budgets!

Sunday, October 26th

tsclnycbannerdreams-592x265The Secret City NYC: Unknown
11:30AM, $25
Dixon Place 
Solve the mystery here!

The ceremonial salons with The Secret City continue with the Unknown this Sunday, back at LES’s avant-garde hub, Dixon Place. As always, this will be an artistic sampler for all the senses, featuring great sights, sounds, tastes, smells and everything is always touching.

Monday, October 27th

g_102714_saltz_pollockPsycho-biography of Jackson Pollock
12PM, $24
Weill Art Gallery, 92Y
Find behind-the-scenes to the artistic idol here!

Tragic, tortured…and extremely successful? Jackson Pollock’s “drip and splash” is called “action painting” but if we decided to study Pollock as an artwork, what would we learn? Despite developing a slew of idiosyncrasies over his childhood and career, how did Pollock fetch money bags in the art market? The Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer Steven Naifeh speaks up, in coversation with frequent Today Show guest and psychoanalyst Dr. Gail Saltz.

Tuesday, October 28th

flashDrawing at the Speed of Talk: Flash Rosenberg
12-8PM,  FREE
Art Students League
It takes a flash second to sign up for a lesson here!

A live-drawing workshop that improves physical skill AND mental observation? Sign us up! If you’ve ever used your eyes to listen to an idea, you’ll know what Ideasmyth-ite Flash Rosenberg is talking about. This all-day drawing workshop puts an enlightened spin on the craft, where Flash makes you sharpen both your pencils and your awareness so that you can learn to capture moments, gestures, and conversations like “snapshots.” 

Wednesday, October 29th

6CharactersInSearch_613x463Six Characters in Search of an Author
7:30PM, $20
BAM Harvey Theatre
Get a literary workout here!

Ever watched a meta-play before? Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author takes the textuality of heightened self-awareness to a whole new level. As the name suggests, six characters show up on the sets of a rehearsal, demanding to find their “author” so that their stories may be completed. In a highly absurdist style and tragic turn of events, your notions of conventional authorship and auteurship are sure to be revolutionized by this critically acclaimed play. 


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~~~Dipti Anand is an Editorial and Social Media Intern at Ideasmyth. Enrolled in the circus of life, she juggles an Interdisciplinary Master’s of Arts in Humanities and Social Thought at NYU, along with her passion for writing short fiction and poetry. When she’s not thinking, writing, or thinking about writing, Dipti likes to make long-distance phone calls and also eats one truffle a day.


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