Victoria C. Rowan

How To Satisfy Your Senses? Rent a Seat by a Swell Fireplace

When the weather echos that sorriest of carols “in the bleak midwinter when frosty wind made moan,”
there’s nothing we crave more than a fireplace.

Lacking one in-house, we found a super-swell one at Hudson’s Cafe Le Perche:
…where it’s impossible to resist loitering with…
…a croissant with house-made strawberry & rhubarb compote or…
…grilled shrimp eggs florentine or…
…a salt-and-pepper-dusted ham & cheddar scone…
…and while cradling an aromatic warm mug-bowl, noticing the small things that normally you could easily overlook like: these charming tiles around their hearth depicting putti among swirls of oak leaves and acorns:
Right corner of fireplaceLeft corner of fireplace

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