Cozy AND swank restaurant recommendation: The Harrison

Whenever my great friend Amy Gardner (the girl who brought style & IN STYLE magazine to Charlottesville) comes to NYC she’s so hipper-than-moi, she knows all the best restaurants before I do. When I recently learned (thanks to Facebook!) that a high school friend’s husband was partner on The Harrison, I had to go–Amy, of course had been there already. While I’m teetering on the veg-aquarian side of the aisle more meals than not nowadays, meals like these make me very glad I had made no final vows. The duck-fat fries (!?!) with homemade English dipping mayo were crispy, salty, the platonic ideal of fries. Then we had a grilled octopus salad with plenty of piquant flavorful surprises, ditto for the radish salad; then she had the hangar steak, I had the citrus and olive oil poached cod…and chocolate pretzel tart…! Best part of the service: everyone’s treated like an instant regular. Enjoy!

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