At Ideasmyth, we’re always on the look-out for New York’s under-known treasures of culture, events and other unexpected treats. And true to our mission to connect creative professionals to the marketplace, we’ve also got some quality edutainment in the mix to stimulate your genius.

With a full list of events featuring musicians, writers, entrepreneurs and women in business, we’re sending you on a professional workout — and then some artistic inspiration via intellectually provocative public art, and then the sublime paintings of Simeon Lagodich.

Happy adventuring!

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Wednesday December 3rd: Music Business Now — How Music Makes Money
Thursday December 4th: Women Rebels — Margaret Sanger and The Birth Control Movement at 100
Friday December 5th: “We The People” Re-Creates The Statue of Liberty
Saturday December 6th: NaNoWriMo TGIO Party
Sunday December 7th: Feminist Book Club
Monday December 8th: Running with Heels – December Dinner Party
Tuesday December 9th: StartUp Institute New York Talent Expo 2014
Wednesday December 10th: Simeon Lagodich Outside the Studio: Plein Air Landscapes & Flower Paintings 


Wednesday, December 3rd

Music Business Now: How Music Makes Money 6-8PM, FREE Arnold Hall, The New School Get jiggy with the piggy (bank)!

The Parsons Institute for Intellectual Property and The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music are hosting a panel discussion about the future and finances of the rapidly evolving music industry–especially of interest to artists: how to understand new licensing agreements and payment models. The panel will feature experts on different aspects of the process chain, with Kickstarter music community managers, vocal artist developers, producers and entertainment lawyers.

Thursday, December 4th

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.03.06 PM
Women Rebels: Margaret Sanger and The Birth Control Movement at 100
6:30PM, $16
The Museum of the City of New York
See how family planning has come a long way!

As part of its Activist series, The Museum of the City of NY brings ideas to life by co-hosting a thought-provoking panel of outstanding thinkers on the birth control movement including author and Nation journalist Katha Politt and author and Ideasmyth client Alexander Sanger (Chair of the International Planned Parenthood Council and grandson of Margaret).

Friday, December 5th
Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.29.05 AM

“We The People” Re-Creates the Statue of Liberty
City Hall Park & Brooklyn Bridge Park
Experience one of NYC’s most beloved sites…differently!

Make next park stroll a public art pilgrimage to experience Dahn Vo’s striking and remarkable rendition of The Statue of Liberty.   “We The People” is a sculptural installation of 250 individual pieces re-created using the same materials and techniques as Bartholdi’s original, only on display until today!

Saturday, December 6th

NaNoWriMo TGIO Party
Woodrow’s Tavern, TriBeCa
Thank goodness it’s over!

Whether you managed to write 50,000 words last month or not, celebrate your efforts with your fellow challengers at NaNoWriMo’s Thank God It’s Over party. And if you didn’t participate in it this year, this festive event just may inspire you to put this on your New Year’s resolution list for 2015!

Sunday, December 7th
Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.20.16 PM

Feminist Book Club 
2:30PM, FREE
Bluestockings Bookstore (Lower East Side)
Find the “rad” in “radical” here!

Independent and radical bookstore Bluestockings boasts of 6,000+ book titles relating to gender and queer studies, political theory, racial education and among its other great programming, hosts a Feminist Book Club night every first Sunday. Their Fair Trade cafe provides tasty and sustainable food-for-thought too!

Monday, December 8th

Running With Heels: December Dinner Party
6:30-9:30PM, $75
OBAO Restaurant (Midtown West)
Strap on your heels!

Ellevate’s dinner series supports female mutual inspiration and networking. This month’s honoree is Amy Dixon, inter-disciplinary superstar, who is a national winner at the Paralympics and a world-class sommelier…while also being legally blind Her life is living testament to the dictum: “You don’t need sight to have vision!” 

Tuesday, December 9th
Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.32.56 PM

StartUp Institute New York Talent Expo 2014
10-1PM, FREE
StartUp Institute (25 Broadway)
Unconventional recruiting fair here!

The StartUp Institute NY sets up an unconventional job fair where its ambitious students–each seeking their first jobs–have 60 seconds to pitch themselves to a range of companies including players large and small like Ralph Lauren, Hyperion Media, IdeaFaktory, Business Insider and more.

Wednesday, December 10th
Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.40.41 PM

Simeon Lagodich Outside the Studio: Plein Air Landscapes & Flower Paintings
6-8:30PM, FREE
The Union League Club
It’s winter and it’s snowing indoors!

Simeon Lagodich and his wife Tracy Gill, of Gill & Lagodich, are two of the premiere gilders, framers and frame historians in the world. They not only create custom frames for collectors and for major exhibitions at museums, private collections, etc. and can craft the fabulous out of the most improbable–such as a coffee table top mosaic made from three different shades of eggshells! Tonight is an opportunity to meet the extremely talented couple, in a showcase of an outdoor painting Snow series by Lagodich, who is also an extraordinarily talented figurative painter.


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~~~Dipti Anand is an Editorial and Social Media Intern at Ideasmyth. Enrolled in the circus of life, she juggles an Interdisciplinary Master’s of Arts in Humanities and Social Thought at NYU, along with her passion for writing short fiction and poetry. When she’s not thinking, writing, or thinking about writing, Dipti likes to make long-distance phone calls and also eats one truffle a day.

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