Ideasmything: Is Lyme disease a bioweapon turned manmade epidemic?

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Typically I focus my posts on positive news, primarily celebrating works of great artistic merit. The following book, Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons by Kris Newby IS an excellent investigative medical thriller that exposes a huge government covert operation and it’s personal for every one of us who enjoys being outside.

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Given the Lyme epidemic and how many clients, friends and pets have suffered from Lyme and I’m currently editing a Lyme/ tick-borne disease memoir, I read this book yesterday that I encourage you read as it is the kind of real-life horror story that will galvanize you and all you care about to be as vigilant as possible about prevention, tick-checks, applying natural repellents, etc. [Here’s Frolic Flea + Tick Spray, the very effective one I use for my dog and our family made in Hudson, NY by women I personally know.]

This book is by a very credible medical writer whose documentary on Lyme/ tick-borne diseases was a finalist for an Oscar (see trailer for her more recent sequel below). And it explains a lot about why tick-borne diseases were actually bio-engineered by USA-employed scientists to be hard to cure–and some were even treated with radioactivity. Since these lab-cultivated ticks were deployed on American soil, the bugs are now next-generation mutations.

Honestly, as I have been saying for 20+ years, the variety of protocols for addressing cancer, HIV and heart disease make for a far higher quality of life than those with Lyme. I know of at least a dozen people whose brains, eyesight, careers, finances, yes, their whole lives have been permanently altered by Lyme/ tick-borne diseases. And I know of at least two people whose premature deaths (officially attributed to other causes) were most likely due to their immune systems and will-to-live were so devastated by Lyme/ tick-borne diseases.

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This book confirms yet again why I am convinced Lyme/ tick-borne diseases are the great plague of our generation and the dis-information campaigns from the conventional medical community to diminish its credence and even to get medical/ health insurance and mock sufferers as psychosomatic in the public perception is largely due to for-profit motives (multi-year treatment is too cost-prohibitive). And no, you’re not crazy if you don’t feel better after a blood test says you’re fine or you haven’t recovered after one cycle of antibiotics; the current blood tests do NOT test for the 200+ potential co-infections and if you still are suffering, you must be diagnosed symptomatically by a tick-borne illness educated doctor, to be treated adequately.

My biggest concern in this book exposing this huge conspiracy in these fake-news-fragile times that it will pave the way for more questioning of REAL science behind many positive medical scientific breakthroughs.

For a chaser of GOOD medical news, I recommend Charles Graeber’s book that came out the end of last year: The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer

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