Meet Ideasmyth’s Victoria C. Rowan

Victoria C. Rowan has dedicated her career to cultivating and celebrating creativity. She developed her unique approach to writing/creativity/life coaching while working in all arenas of the media business as a journalist for international publications and websites, event producer, radio commentary contributor, book editor, writing instructor and creativity coach. Having midwife-ed hundreds of projects with hundreds of clients, she has come to this conclusion: creativity can only consistently thrive when the rest of the artist’s life works and allows space for its potential. Sessions with Victoria will not only help you craft a better book, essay, play, poem, website copy or business plan, but they will also help you become the person you always wanted to be.

In her previous lives, Victoria has written for dozens of publications, websites and Public Radio including: The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Moscow Times and NPR. For eleven years she curated a reading series entitled, Beyond Words: Stories on Stage, which was recognized in 2003 by New York Press as the City’s Best Live Reading and Performance Series. Founder of’s nationwide school for media professionals (2001-2002), she has taught and coached privately over 600 clients in New York City and internationally as well as created special programs that she delivered at Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA) and The Bard Graduate Center (NYC). Most recently, she served as the Artistic Programmer for the 92nd St. Y/Unterberg Poetry Center’s 2006-7 literature series featuring the world’s greatest living writers.

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