Flash Perception Lab, Creativity Classes with Flash Rosenberg

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Dates & Time: 3 Wednesdays, November 5th, 12th, and 19th, 6:30pm-9pm
Cost: EARLY BIRD PRICE: $90 by October 22nd, 2014; Regular Price: $125 after October 22nd
Flash’s creativity classes will be limited to 15 students.

Imagine your attitude as an art supply. Imagine riding the subway to learn to draw. Understand how what you hear becomes what you remember. See your life today as if viewed from the future. Learn to translate what annoys you into humor with Flash Rosenberg’s creativity classes.

Flash Perception Lab is a series of adventures designed to accelerate your awareness and refine your technical skills for expressing ideas in writing, drawing and photography.  You will actively make notes and art during each of these creativity classes.

The point is to start from the idea. Then instead of teaching how to use “just one” art medium, you will learn how to use all available tools and technologies to give voice to your vision.

Experience how Ms. Rosenberg innovated a career translating words into pictures, pictures into words, observations into insights, and love into understanding. Her technical expertise as an award-winning photographer, cartoonist, writer, animator and comic performer will inspire you to snare and share your own wonderfully-warped world view.

A pen, notebook, pocket camera (or smart phone), and a spirited appetite for intelligent fun required. If you can make a sandwich with more than one ingredient, you have enough creative, associative ability to take these creativity classes.

Flash Perception Lab
Wednesdays, 6:30 – 9 pm
Midtown Manhattan
Lab locations to be custom-tailored for each session’s aesthetic adventure

Wednesday, November 5th - Flash Perception Lab
Hypothesis: The subway is the ultimate Paradise for the Alert.
Laboratory: The NYC Subway
Procedure: Meet in Midtown Manhattan [on West 35th St (register for exact address)] for instructions to conduct aesthetic experiments while we ride the subway together – on an ultimate field trip to your imagination.
Results: Accelerated awareness of how you perceive what surrounds you – and what’s within, while immersed in a crowd of strangers.
Proof: The creation of moving artworks (using words, photos and drawings) – while literally moving underground.

Wednesday, November 12th- Flash Perception Lab
Hypothesis: Drawing portraits of conversations deepens your understanding of what you think you heard – while enabling you to actively draw and write more fluently.
Laboratory:  A Live Discussion in an Art Studio
Procedure: Meet in Midtown Manhattan [on West 35th St (register for exact address)] for specific instructions about how to capture abstract ideas by hand, in words and pictures.
Results: Accelerated awareness for visualizing what you hear, so that information can more efficiently, permanently and playfully enter your mind.
Proof: The creation of expressive artworks blending drawing with words.

Wednesday, November 19th - Flash Perception Lab
Hypothesis: Imagining yourself in the future, reflecting on your life today, offers a more resonant understanding for how we live as creatures in time.
Laboratory:  A Space with a Heightened Sense of Time
Procedure: Meet in Midtown Manhattan [on West 35th St (register for exact address)] for specific instructions about how to document our lives as the relics we are destined to become.
Results: Accelerated awareness for how poignant and funny it is to be alive, in the middle of all our hopes, memories, and soon-to-be antiquated technology.
Proof: The creation of expressive artworks using words, photos and drawings.


Early Bird Discount: $90 for Three Sessions by October 22nd, 2014
Regular Price: $125 for Three Sessions after October 22nd


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Flash_Headshot_Color_hh_012_LoResInstructor: Flash Rosenberg is a Guggenheim Fellow and “Attention Span for Hire” who draws, writes, photographs, and performs. As artist in residence for LIVE from the New York Public Library for seven years, she live-drew literary discussions in real time to create animated “Conversation Portraits.” Her “FlashThink” weekly cartoon ran on the Intellectual Channel of Archetypes.com. Her story for The Moth Radio Hour aired on NPR. Steven Van Zandt’s Broadway production of The Rascals’ “Once Upon a Dream” featured her animations. She has been commissioned to create animations for PNC Bank, Advanced Solutions International, CNBC, Random House, Houghton Mifflin, Amazon Publishing and many more. Her award-winning educational animation about puberty is a national hit in pre-teen health classes. She is a regular performer in “Monologues and Madness” and a published member of the poetry collective “brevitas.” Flash Rosenberg Studio is a full service photo, motion picture, merriment and mischief factory. She lives with three turtles and infinite questions.

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