CREATIVE PROCESS: Summer-Lovin’ Graphics

  First: The Theme Description 

Now that the summer wardrobe’s out of storage and the subway platforms are beginning to feel like the insides of ovens, we thought its a time for a little summer positivity. Thus, we bring you this month’s Summer-Lovin’ theme, during which we celebrate all the things we love the most about summer–from the relaxing beach visits to the ice cream cravings.

Second: Inspirations 

Grease – Summer Nights

Third: Storyboards



Different color combinations were tried, to make the figures “pop” from the background. JUNElayout4

The decision was made to omit the volleyball game and to simply make all the tools roast s’mores.

Different Version 

To make the animation simpler the cuts were omitted, the final version of the storyboard illustrates how all the action takes place in one scene. Waves were added to fill in the negative space, the size of the sun was also increased and animated to help utilize the space.


Fourth: Static Graphic


Only four tools were chosen to appear in the final animation.


The static graphic was created using Adobe Illustator.

Fifth: Animated Gif

CREATIVE PROCESS: Summer-Lovin' Graphics

The animation for this gif was created using Adobe After Effects.


Storyboard: Ms.Katarzyna Bibulowicz, Static Graphic: Ms.Katarzyna Bibulowicz, Gif: Ms.Katarzyna Bibulowicz, Description: Ms. Kim Kaletsky

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