CREATIVE PROCESS: Reaping Rewards Graphics

  First: The Theme Description 

At Ideasmyth, we’re all about celebrating hard work and perseverance. That’s why this September, as we head into the final push before the end of the year, we want to laud the rewards reaped from all that hard work–because there’s nothing like sitting down to eat one of the apples you worked all day to pick.

Second: Inspirations 

“Farm Foolery” Animated Cartoon

Third: Storyboards



The number of wheat strands was decreased and the space between each strand was increased.Too many wheat strands made the image incredibly cluttered so we simplified it to be more symbolic of what we were seeing. Another reason this was done was so that more of the background could be seen. The type was placed in different areas to make it read better.

This was created frame by frame,  the motions for each of the strikes had to planed and drawn out, before we could animate it.

Fourth: Static Graphic

The static graphic was created using Adobe Illustator.


We also added a little bundle of wheat, on the characters back. To show that he was getting something for his efforts, originally he didn’t have it.

Fifth: Animated Gif

CREATIVE PROCESS: Reaping Rewards Graphics

The animation for this gif was created using Adobe Flash.


Storyboard: Ms. Fabiana De Lilla, Static Graphic: Ms. Fabiana De Lilla, Gif: Ms. Fabiana De Lilla, Description: Ms. Kim Kaletsky

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