CREATIVE PROCESS: Rain-Making Graphics

  First: The Theme Description 

Instead of waiting for a rainy day, we’ve always liked the idea of being a go-getter and making our own rain. This month we’re all about the rain-making moments that have brought great growth to your life–all through sheer ingenuity and perseverance.

Second: Inspirations 

Cloud Seeding

Donald Duck – The Plastics Inventor (1944)

Cloud Seeders Make It Rain ABC News

Little Shop of Horrors Plant

Third: Storyboards


The clouds were raised and a second darker layer of the cloud was added to create shadow and depth. Aprillayout2


The plane was simplified, the propeller and top of the plane were omitted, the plane flies through the clouds instead of on top of them.Aprillayout4



More “flower-books”, with thicker stems and leaves, were added to help in fill in the negative space. The flower style was based on a Looney Toons Cartoons. 

Fourth: Static Graphic


The static graphic was created using Adobe Illustator.

Fifth: Animated Gif

CREATIVE PROCESS: Rain-Making Graphics

The animation for this gif was created using Adobe Flash. While thinking about the animation of the buds, influences were drawn from the Little Shop of Horrors Plant.


Storyboard: Ms. Fabiana De Lilla, Static Graphic: Ms. Fabiana De Lilla, Gif: Ms. Fabiana De Lilla, Description: Ms. Kim Kaletsky

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