CREATIVE PROCESS: Family Time Graphics

  First: The Theme Description 

Given that Thanksgiving is the day when most Americans celebrate their families, this month we’ve decided to celebrate the diverse families that impact our lives–whether they’re made up of people we’ve been stuck with since birth, or whether they’re a hodgepodge group of people we’ve met along the way.

Second: Inspirations 

Bugs Bunny Special Bugs Bunny’s Thanksgiving Diet 1977

Third: Storyboards




This design changed to include less tools for simplification. A rounded table replaced the rectangular one to add to the negative space in the foreground. The place settings were omitted since they couldn’t read on such a small scale. The turkey was replaced with a cake, so we wouldn’t be tied down to a “thanksgiving” theme. 

Fourth: Static Graphic


To increase symmetry we decided that the tools should enter both from screen left and right. To hold the balance we added a tool in the middle to keep our focus on the center.

These static graphic was created using Adobe Illustator. The type treatment also changed to look more like a party banner.

Fifth: Animated Gif

CREATIVE PROCESS: Family Time Graphics

The animation for this gif was created using Adobe After Effects.


Storyboard: Ms. Katarzyna Bibulowicz, Static Graphic: Ms. Katarzyna Bibulowicz, Gif: Ms. Katarzyna Bibulowicz Description: Ms. Kim Kaletsky

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