CREATIVE PROCESS: Blast Offs Graphics

 First: The Theme Description 

Ready to launch into 2016 in 5…4…3…2…1…BLAST-OFF! Though you may not be climbing into a literal rocket anytime soon, we like to think that January is a time for blasting off, even for those of us stuck within the boundaries of earth’s atmosphere. In order to help you have an ascendant launch into the new year, we’re celebrating the boisterous, bewildering and breathtaking blast-offs that are interspersed throughout our lives at all times of year.

Second: Inspiration Sources 

Bugs Bunny Space Modulator (Video)

Sci Fi and Rocket Art from


Science Channel Rocket Launch

Third: Storyboards



The “bridge” element was simplified to a ladder, to reduce the number of elements in the image and keep focus on the rocket. The IDEASMYTH superhero was originally a normal astronaut but we changed that since the superhero would be more fun


We made sure to keep the rocket to screen right to help with the overall logic of the action sequence.


Seeking the pun-y association with Ideasmyth being “out of this world” (!) we added planets (in Ideasmyth’s branded colors!) to communicate outer space.



Fourth: Static Graphic


We created the static graphic version using Adobe Illustator. We changed the color of the smoke to white, for constancy with the “Ideasmyth’s Ideablog” type.

Fifth: Animated Gif

Blast Off January

We created this animated gif using Adobe Flash.


Storyboard: Ms. Fabiana De Lilla, Static Graphic: Ms. Fabiana De Lilla, Gif: Ms. Fabiana De Lilla, Description: Ms. Kim Kaletsky


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