Courage To Sparkle: The Audacious Girls’ Guide to Creating A Life That Lights You Up


A go-to, smart, sassy, and sophisticated guide that teaches women how to be their own champions both personally and professionally. Known for her powerful and practical solutions delivered playfully, Barth shows readers how to stand out, radiate their brilliance and celebrate the multi-faceted dynamos that they are! Courage to SPARKLE is packed with compelling stories and cases studies, interactive exercises rooted in psychology and brain science, and LOIS-isms (Lessons, Opportunities, Insights and Solutions). Lois’ SPARKLE principles known as GEMS helps women clarify what lights them up, how to express their most audacious self, and design a life that is fulfilling. Lois’ motivation meets methodology has been gleaned from her work with over 800 coaching clients as well as her presentations to tens of thousands of people as a performer and a motivational speaker.

FREE 68-page Courage to SPARKLE Workbook and Study Guide (Downloadable PDF) with every purchase of the book. (Code is inside the book).

With Lois’ GEMS you will learn how to:
Clarify what makes you SPARKLE
Live your most vibrant self on a daily basis
Celebrate your multi-faceted gifts in your career.
Lighten up when dealing with change
Advocate for yourself from a place of passion and worthiness
Overcome perfectionism and shine brightly in the world
Move from Dimmers to Shimmers
Create a community of light, love and inspiration

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