DOG & PONY SHOWS: Rhea Landig, “The Shift” (1/6)

Rhea Landigvs4We felt that our “Dog & Pony Shows” theme month would not be complete without featuring someone who is taking on the eco-threats facing all animals. Rhea Landig is an extraordinary multi-talented woman who has channeled her alarm about the environmental state of the world into powerful actions: ranging from public messaging, community development and offering the public immediate actions and solutions. And you don’t have to take my word for it, astronomer, naturalist, writer, farmhand, vegan Wolf Grey Adonis  describes her as “A vigilant Earth pilgrim, guardian of the plants, animals, and all of Earth’s bounty. A lover of our home. An activist steering our culture towards just and sustainable lifestyles with purpose to support the web of life. Rhea chooses to evolve.” I first met Landig years ago when she was doing fundraising work for the Species Alliance documentary and I have continued to be impressed at her track record of being on the right side of science. Personally, I have always found her fierce and indefatigable in her advocacy and trust that you too will appreciate her posts even as her revelations make you uncomfortable.
~Victoria C. Rowan, Ideasmyth Creatrix-in-Chief


As a former Catholic school student & survivor I remember we used to pray once a year for vocations. This time of invocation was a source of great angst, as I feared that in doing so, I would receive an undeniable sign and message from God that my calling was to be a nun–and then what would I do? My idea of God back then was of that of a stern father, who doesn’t take no for an answer, so I silently elected to daydream during the appeal, rather than to open myself to the possibility of such a sentence.

My career path couldn’t have been more different than my childhood fears and I had a successful, high profile media career based out of NYC that spanned over 25 years in print and television that included work as a fashion editor and celebrity stylist, producer and spokesperson.

While this work was always exciting, financially rewarding and certainly what our culture considers glamorous, it became clear to me that I had essentially outgrown what I was doing and needed a more full, authentic outward expression of my true self to emerge.

While working on a volunteer community project with Landmark Education, I had started to create some abstract parameters for my endeavor: first I wanted to make a difference not only with local communities, but with the entire planet. Secondly, I wanted to have this project be involved with film as a means of communication. Lastly, this project had to help animals in some way and all kinds of animals. I have volunteered over the years with organizations in various ways and my soft spot lies in the welfare of animals. I really didn’t know what this all meant until as intention would have it, I reacquainted with a former friend from my youth in San Francisco, Monte Thompson.

What he told me would wind up changing my life. While completing his graduate degree at The California Institute of Integral Studies, he had learned about the current mass extinction crisis and was planning to form a non-profit and direct a feature length documentary about this crisis. I had to admit that I didn’t know what he was talking about and when I learned that the planet was in the worst extinction spasm, not seen since the time of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, and we could lose half of all plants and animals during our generation, I knew this would be my project. I immediately started to raise money and awareness for the production of the first feature length film about this subject, Call of Life–Facing the Mass Extinction.

Now some years later, this is still my project–only now I share it with the world. Call of Life is an internationally acclaimed, award winning documentary and I’m the executive director of the progressive organization who produced it, Species Alliance. I feel fortunate to have been able to integrate the passion and talents that I have acquired along the way to lend to this mission and invite others to do so.

You can watch the trailer below and if you’d like to order the film, and additionally, learn what you can do to help, please feel free to contact me at:  rhea[at]

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Before joining Species Alliance, Rhea was a former high profile media professional whose career spanned over twenty-five years as an editor, producer and spokesperson.  After learning about the mass extinction crisis in 2006, Rhea began raising funds to produce the first full length feature documentary, Call of Life–Facing the Mass Extinction, along with the newly formed organization, Species Alliance, the first non profit dedicated to raising awareness about the current mass extinction crisis.  Rhea officially joined the organization in 2010 as a board member and Director of Development.

Now at the helm of the organization, Rhea and Species Alliance continue to share the mission ~ to inform through various forms of media and outreach to ignite a new sense of community empowerment and purpose, in order to stimulate creative and effective changes in public policies and human behavior that will assure a healthy future for all life on earth.

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