DOG & PONY SHOWS: Kim Wolf, “Danger” (3/6)

KimWolfFeaturedPhotoEven though I’m from a cat-owning family, I fell in love at first post with Beyond Breed founder Kim Wolf’s Dogs of New York page. What makes Wolf’s blog so great, is that she not only brings awareness to these dogs as characters, but to the people at the other end of their leashes, which represent such powerful literal and emotional bonds. The ultimate goal of her non-profit, Beyond Breed–to bring relief not only to the diverse animals of NYC, but to the diverse humans responsible for them too. We selected Kim Wolfe to be a Featured Creative for this “Dog & Pony Shows” themed month out of our enormous appreciation for all she is doing to creatively communicate and address the concerns of the canine community of NYC.
~Kim Kaletsky, Ideablog Managing Editor


Danger is 2-year-old dog from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. I asked how he got the name Danger, and the man giggled. "It seemed like kind of a funny name, because he's not dangerous at all. He the exact opposite."

Danger is a 2-year-old dog from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. I asked how he got the name Danger, and the man giggled. “It seemed like kind of a funny name, because he’s not dangerous at all. He’s the exact opposite.”

Meeting a pit bull dog in Bed-Stuy named ‘Danger,’ you might make a lot of assumptions. But this is the beauty of Dogs of New York. Once I got talking with this gentleman about this dog, it turns out he named him Danger because ‘he’s anything but dangerous!’ This was such a nice family pet. Had I not stopped to talk with this man, I would have never known. There are so many dogs like this and so many people like this walking around Brooklyn and New York City.

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~~~Kim Wolf is the Founder & Executive Director of Beyond Breed. She has worked in the animal welfare field since 2008, including positions at the Pennsylvania SPCA, Animal Farm Foundation, and Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

Kim has been a frequent speaker at animal welfare conferences, including: Humane Society of the United States “Expo,” Best Friends “No More Homeless Pets,” Purina/Petfinder “Adoption Options,” Michigan Pet Fund Alliance “Michigan No Kill Conference,” Animal Welfare Foundation of New Jersey “Annual Workshop,” and others. Kim’s career also includes more than 7 years as a social worker for older or at-risk individuals in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Philadelphia. Kim has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Anthropology from Colgate University and completed graduate-level coursework in social work, gerontology, and non-profit management.

Kim lives in Brooklyn with her 3 adopted dogs. You can reach her at kim[at] or (917) 386-7965.


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