DOG & PONY SHOWS: Rhea Landig on Holistic Hounds & Chemical Free Cats (4/6)

Rhea Landigvs4We felt that our “Dog & Pony Shows” theme month would not be complete without featuring someone who is taking on the eco-threats facing all animals. Rhea Landig is an extraordinary multi-talented woman who has channeled her alarm about the environmental state of the world into powerful actions: ranging from public messaging, community development and offering the public immediate actions and solutions. And you don’t have to take my word for it, astronomer, naturalist, writer, farmhand, vegan Wolf Grey Adonis  describes her as “A vigilant Earth pilgrim, guardian of the plants, animals, and all of Earth’s bounty. A lover of our home. An activist steering our culture towards just and sustainable lifestyles with purpose to support the web of life. Rhea chooses to evolve.” I first met Landig years ago when she was doing fundraising work for the Species Alliance documentary and I have continued to be impressed at her track record of being on the right side of science. Personally, I have always found her fierce and indefatigable in her advocacy and trust that you too will appreciate her posts even as her revelations make you uncomfortable.
~Victoria C. Rowan, Ideasmyth Creatrix-in-Chief


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


One of my favorite things to do is to teach people about health and wellness for their furry, four-legged companions. In particular, the benefits of a truly nutritious diet appropriate for their species, as nature intended.

As a raw food feeder for over eleven years, I learned about animal nutrition and species-appropriate diets firsthand from some of the most renowned experts in health care and nutrition: Dr. Marty Goldstein, food scientist and nutritionist, Roxanne Stone, nutritional consultant, Katrina McQuilken, along with constant reading and research from veterinarians, Dr. Pasternak, Dr. Pitcairn and Dr. Don Hamilton and others. Last and most importantly, Jacqueline Hill, my primary mentor, for sharing her invaluable experience and wisdom that includes the view of microbiologist, holistic and integrative health professional, raw food manufacturer, veterinary medical technician and organic and sustainability advocate.

Raw food contains all the essential properties that are destroyed in a highly processed “food” diet: amino acids, antioxidants, beneficial fats, enzymes, minerals, probiotics and natural vitamins. If you are doubtful as to raw food being the appropriate source of nutrition, just look at nature’s design of carnivores–their digestive system is equipped with strong stomach acid, small stomach with a short, large intestine and fast transit time. Their large mouth opening is equipped with long sharp canines, sharp jagged blade shaped molars and there is little to no chewing, they gulp food in whole pieces. Sometimes they use their skilled chewing abilities for evil and rip the entire headliner of your car to shreds…not funny Edward!

Edward photo by Rhea Landig©

Edward photo by Rhea Landig©

90% of pet’s health problems are due to what we are feeding them”…“raw diet can increase a dog’s lifespan by 183%”

Healing Peters with Nature’s Miracle Cures by Henry Pasternak.  DVM, CVA

Not all raw foods are created equal, and with many manufacturers jumping on the raw food bandwagon, there’s one company that’s leading the pack and that’s Answers Pet Food (no I’m not on the payroll)! Here’s what they’re doing differently that makes the nutrition they’re offering so exceptional:

As a family-based, ethical, environmentally conscience and best-practices-based company, quality sourcing of ingredients from GAP (Global Animal Partnership) farms is critical. Animals are in species-appropriate, low stress environments, out on grass and pasture, not confined and free roaming. They live their lives out together on the same farm and are not moved for slaughter. There are no steroids, hormones, GMO’s or antibiotics given and Temple Grandin humane handling practices are employed.

All of Answers products (meat, fish stock, raw milk and raw kefir) are formulated to provide complete, accessible and pure nutrition, all while healing and maintaining the gut through the science of fermentation. This is vital, as 84% of a pet’s immune system is in the gut. Fermentation provides extra nutrients and builds up the good bacteria with essential probiotics, also creating natural antibiotics, while destroying bad bacteria protecting against illness-causing, pathogenic bacteria. You don’t have to worry about salmonella, listeria, e coli or pylori.

Answers food contains pure, human quality, organic, whole foods, rich in probiotics, enzymes, glutathione, CLA (cancer fighting fat), in the proper ratios, with the proper pH, with natural detoxifiers. Of course there are no additives, preservatives, synthetic vitamins, or artificial anything.

Lastly, Answers uses earth friendly, recyclable, biodegradable/compostable, cartons, that block nutrient-damaging light, with no plastic, or BPA’s that could leach toxins into the food.

Edward photo by Rhea Landig©

Edward photo by Rhea Landig©

Edward has had incredible results healing from Lyme’s disease thanks to doing a 30-day fast using Answers raw, fermented goat milk and fermented fish stock. After two extensive rounds of antibiotics, Edward’s kidneys were being attacked, he had a fever of almost 105 degrees and his C6 test with his Lyme’s antibody numbers had shot way up, almost 10 times beyond the normal range. Within 36 hours of starting the milk and fish stock fast, his fever came down. Within one week he was urinating normally and a few months after the fast was completed, his antibodies were down nearly 60%. I will retest in a few more months and expect the numbers to be within normal range. Needless to say the “anti raw” skeptics were amazed!

As a vegetarian, I grappled and researched extensively for the best moral choice for me, nutrition for my pets, and sustainable choice for the planet, there is nothing that comes close to fulfilling that criteria better than Answers.

Molly & Edward -- Happy & Healthy photo by Rhea Landig©

Molly & Edward — Happy & Healthy photo by Rhea Landig©

*Addendum:  Edward would like the readers to know that the aforementioned headliner incident was a necessary air bag inspection and safety does comes first!  His work was completed as soon as littermate/sister Molly returned to the vehicle.

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Before joining Species Alliance, Rhea was a former high profile media professional whose career spanned over twenty-five years as an editor, producer and spokesperson.  After learning about the mass extinction crisis in 2006, Rhea began raising funds to produce the first full length feature documentary, Call of Life ~ Facing the Mass Extinction, along with the newly formed organization, Species Alliance, the first non profit dedicated to raising awareness about the current mass extinction crisis.  Rhea officially joined the organization in 2010 as a board member and Director of Development.

Now at the helm of the organization, Rhea and Species Alliance continue to share the mission ~ to inform through various forms of media and outreach to ignite a new sense of community empowerment and purpose, in order to stimulate creative and effective changes in public policies and human behavior that will assure a healthy future for all life on earth.

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